"No film starts more entrancingly ... Seasons make do for plots; faces, curves, and gestures serve up instant characters; epiphanies descend from nowhere, like the celebrated peacock in the snow." - Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

"[Fellini's] most sentimental and unabashedly romantic film ... a moving and comical masterpiece." - Axel Anderson, Flavorpill

"What positions the film among Fellini's greatest are its punctuation points of mysterious beauty ... these are the moments that truly define Fellini's spectacle." - Lance Goldenberg, The Village Voice

"Real movie magic ... Influential on many cinematic reminiscences to come." - Nicolas Rapold, The L Magazine

"A fun-house tour through Fellini’s mind... he had mined his youth before but never with such jocularity and emotional force; it’s the memoir as a montage of dirty jokes, historical ironies, sentimental educations and some of the most lyrical imagery the maestro ever concocted." - David Fear, Time Out New York

"[A] splendid satire ... [Fellini] can't help giving the whole thing a whiff of richness and mystery." - Darrell Hartmann, Artforum

"Captures the great Italian director at the peak of his cinematic powers ... a massively enjoyable entertainment infused with more than a little wry wisdom, pathos and mystery." - Andrew O'Hehir,

"Splendidly orchestrated chaos ... among Fellini's greatest." - Lance Goldenberg, LA Weekly

"A ravishing memory film in which reminiscence, rumor, legend, local history and male sexual fantasies flow into one another with the ease and grace for which Fellini was justly famous." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"[Grade: A] ... An unforgettable classic ... funny, bittersweet and profane." - James Verniere, The Boston Herald

"Among the most successful of Italian maestro Federico Fellini's masterpieces ... the scenes are carnivals for the eyes, a showcase of not only Fellini's nostalgic remembrances, but a metaphor for life's eventful, joyful and fleeting journey." - Dan Bennett, The North County Times

"A loving remembrance of Fellini's adolescence ... It ripples with life from start to finish, immersing viewers in the pictures and passions of the seaside hamlet of Rimini. Like all of Fellini's works, la vita is in its people." - David L. Coddon, The San Diego Union-Tribune

"It's so jam-packed, you'll feel like you watched four movies." - Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

"[Grade: A] ... The Maestro's most rambunctious, accessible film." - Sean Burns, The Philadelphia Weekly