"A bracing rediscovery … Sparkling, poignant and subversive, Mr. Etaix's films have drawn on the art of silent cinema, the circus and the music hall, while holding up a mirror to the absurdities of life in the modern world." - Kristin Jones, The Wall Street Journal

"One of cinema’s finest physical comedians … With and without dialogue, he charted simple stories and routines with a practical elegance rarely seen since the silent era."
- Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times

"Wondrously comical! A loopily imaginative and painfully caustic mockery of love and marriage." - Richard Brody on Le Grand Amour, The New Yorker

"Etaix’s newly restored films excitingly display a malleable comic and actor. Capable of so many characters and styles, it’s no wonder it takes combined comparison to so many of film’s comedy greats to describe him." - Sarah Mankoff, Film Comment

"DELIGHTFULLY IMAGINATIVE. Le Grand Amour has a directness and comic purity that a child would enjoy, with double takes, physical bits of business and slapstick ... Sprinkled throughout, though, are involved passages that spin gloriously, surrealistically, off the narrative rails." - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"FOUR STARS! You’ll spot the DNA of everybody from Tati to Tashlin and Tex Avery … Le Grand Amour makes a case that Étaix was a fertile clown, overdue for a bow in the spotlight." - David Fear, Time Out New York

"I try not to toss around words like revelatory, but I'd never heard of this guy before, and almost every one of his comedies in the series blew me away … Etaix is finally beginning to get the aging master treatment, and he sure as hell deserves it. This guy is the real item." - J.R. Jones, The Chicago Reader

"A real treat … Etaix's special films are where comedy and surrealism meet." - G. Allen Johnson, The San Francisco Chronicle

"Etaix's films are simple, sweet, and built on some of the funniest and most deftly executed gags you'll have the pleasure to see onscreen." - Sean Axmaker, The Seattle Weekly