"Run. Wake your neighbor. Slap your children. Eye your cat with suspicion. Every once in a blue-screen moon, a movie will remind even the most jaded of cult-film aficionados that, no, in fact, they have not seen everything." - Jim Ridley, The Nashville Scene

"Shot with so much visual panache and mid-70s excess that it comes off like Ringu on a Pixy Stix-fueled hug-a-thon ... a brain-rattling delight." - Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

"MUST-SEE-NOW - Delirious, deranged, gonzo or just gone, baby, gone — no single adjective or even a pileup does justice to House." - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"About as stylistically unique as you can possibly get." - Cody Stuart, BeatRoute Magazine

"A dangerous amount of fun, best experienced with a crowd of unsuspecting but open-minded cinéastes. Get ready to be bewildered." - Evan Kindley,

"Insanely entertaining ... For connoisseurs of the bizarre, House's revival is long overdue." - Jeff Shannon, The Seattle Times

"FOUR STARS - Like a stream-of-consciousness nightmare sprung from a troubled head resting on a hot-pink pillow." - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

"Extraordinary ... Manages to be both a fantastically amusing self-reflexive trifle (characters’ names, among them Gorgeous, Fantasy, and Kung Fu, telegraph their traits) and a genuinely unsettling bloodbath." - Benjamin Mercer, The L Magazine

"Truly on its own wavelength ... A dark cartoon of unfettered play." - Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

"It may be impossible not to be stunned into dumbness by Nobuhiko Obayashi's House ... Gigglers and cultists, pony up." - Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

"THREE AND-A-HALF STARS - A ceaselessly entertaining head trip of a movie." - This Week in New York

"One of the most coveted cult films to emerge from the fantastic realm of Asian cinema." - David Wilentz, The Brooklyn Rail

"[An] effects-saturated dreamscape ... Obayashi crams every scene of House with giddy, gaudy visual excess; it’s like Douglas Sirk on acid." - Brian Miller, The Seattle Weekly

"Language cannot do [it] justice ... You’d have to imagine Pee-wee’s Playhouse with a witch that eats schoolgirls, only amped up by a factor of 100." - David Edelstein, New York Magazine

"THE ULTIMATE MIDNIGHT MOVIE - This phantasmagoric head-trip has to be one of the strangest and most surreal movies ever made." - Matt Singer,

"Deliciously au courant in its mix of lo-fi complexity found at the core of so much art making today ... not to be missed." - Richard J. Goldstein, BOMBLog

"A veritable grab-bag of cutesy-horror gags and insane low-fi special effects, employed in a truly joyful, free-spirited approach that is astonishing in its sheer inventiveness as well as its bluster ... sheer hallucinogenic glee." - Chris Radcliff, NYC Cine

"THREE AND-A-HALF STARS - Movies as original as this one don't come along very often, so grab it while you can." - V.A. Musetto, The New York Post

"Movies are rarely, if ever, as whirringly rich and strange as House ... Every little thing about it demands attention." - Steve Dollar, Paste Magazine

"To call House original is an understatement. 'Dizzyingly, effervescently insane' might be more appropriate." - Molly Young, More Intelligent Life

"Nothing short of insanely brilliant ... Hardly a frame is wasted from the very first to the very last." - Marvin Miranda,

"Beautiful, outlandishly silly, and profoundly disturbing ... Its attention to detail and explosive charisma make it fresh and exciting, even 30 years after it was made." - Evan Bobrick, New Mexico Daily Lobo

"A movie where nothing is sacred ... Toward the end, [a character] asks, 'Can such things happen in this world?' Yes, just once, thankfully. And House is it." - G. Allen Johnson, The San Francisco Chronicle

"As singular a debut feature as one could hope for ... In many respects, House represents the perfect synthesis of the avant-garde and the commercial." - Matt Sussman, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Dazzling ... It's literally like nothing you have ever seen before, and in this day and age, that's a hard claim to be able to make." - John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript

"Head-exploding visual zing ... if you've been searching for an unheralded missing link between Suspiria and The Evil Dead, look no further." - Lee Gardner, The Baltimore City Paper

"A movie that exists in its own stratosphere ... It’s hard not to be astonished by the imagination, daring and flat-out nuttiness of Obayashi’s vision." - Cole Smithey, Baltimore City Pulse

"A medulla-stomping masterpiece ... House is a work of genius." - Michael Marano, SCI FI Wire

"A mondo masterpiece ... less a genre film than a dangerously powerful stimulus-response experiment miraculously unearthed from its time capsule." - Cinemachine

"FOUR-AND-A-HALF STARS - A funhouse acid-trip tour of spectacle." - Michael Hingston, See Magazine

"Wildly entertaining ... deserves its growing reputation as a rediscovered cult gem." - John Monaghan, The Detroit Free Press

"THREE-AND-A-HALF STARS - A film that plays out like a gorgeous nightmare prank, dripping, oozing with splendid set-pieces ... A bona fide cult film of the first rank." - Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle

"Inventively bizarre ... We don't laugh at House, but rather at its audacity, for the chintzy backgrounds, absurdly cheerful score, cardboard cutouts and goofy performances are purposeful, intentional tools rendering a film unlike no other." - John Serba, The Grand Rapids Press

"Delightfully warped and bizarre ... Throughout House, you’re guaranteed to see something that you haven’t witnessed before and that you later won’t be able to get out of your head." - Dan Lybarger, KC Active

"FOUR STARS - Unclassifiable ... you've never seen anything like House." - Norman Wilner, NOW Magazine

"FOUR STARS - The vibrantly unhinged visual work of Obayashi, an erstwhile commercial director, anticipates Michel Gondry ... for crying out loud, go see it." - Kieran Grant, EYE Weekly

"A treasure trove of unbridled weirdness ... The likeliest reaction to a first viewing of House is bewilderment. The likeliest response is to immediately see it again." - Jason Anderson, The Toronto Star

"Completely wild and unpredictable ... the sheer gonzo joy of it is immensely entertaining." - Rob Thomas, The Capital Times

"FOUR STARS - Well ahead of its time ... a gloriously candy-coloured fever dream that has the ever-fresh quality of true eccentricity." - Jay Stone, The Ottawa Citizen