CRITIC'S PICK! "Unnervingly contemporary … In its time, this film represented the arrival of something new, and even now it can feel like a bulletin from the future."- A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"A career defining masterpiece." - Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

FIVE STARS! "Even as Sanders and Bergman drift apart on separate excursions, their eyes begin to widen to their own desperation and the possibilities for rebirth." - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

"One of the most quietly revolutionary works in the history of cinema … [Rossellini] turns romantic melodrama into an intellectual adventure." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

FOUR STARS! "One of cinema's most transcendently hopeful works … As befits a filmmaker who defined as well as challenged the definition of Italian neorealism, Journey to Italy unfolds as a thorny narrative and a profoundly personal documentary." - Fernando F. Croce, Slant

"Transcends time ... The opportunity to experience [Journey to Italy] should not be missed." - Steve Erickson, The Nashville Scene

"THREE AND-A-HALF STARS! A masterpiece … Like the casts of lovers dead for millennia in the ruins of Pompeii, it is an artifact of the tormented, indomitable power of love." - Peter Keough, The Boston Globe

"A compassionate masterwork." - The Arts Fuse

"A searing portrait of love turning sour under the Neapolitan sun and a bold adventure in a new kind of filmmaking." - Jay Stone, The Ottawa Citizen