"The young are enchanted by White Mane and The Red Balloon. Grown-ups, who know too well how fragile this beauty is, are likely to cry." – Terrence Rafferty, The New York Times

"Gorgeously restored ... neither movie resorts more than briefly to cuteness; both are escape fantasies that pay homage to the inventiveness of children." – Ella Taylor, The Village Voice

"Filled with a vaporous dreaminess that is the essence of kids' everyday thoughts." - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

"The ruling response to both movies, whether you're 31 or 13, is awe." - Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe

"To see The Red Balloon is to laugh, and cry, at the impossible joy of being a child again." - Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"They celebrate the magic of childhood and the power of fantasy in a special way ... anyone looking for a unique family moviegoing experience could hardly do better." - William Arnold, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"FOUR STARS ... Once you've seen them together, you'll never want them to part." - John Hartl, The Seattle Times

"A filmgoing experience that both children and their parents will remember for a long time." - Rob Thomas, The Capital Times

"FOUR STARS ... short, sweet, and truly sublime." - Stephen Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“It’s impossible to think of a film that can affect adults and children on exactly the same level … there is something near-magical herein.” – Jason Shawhan, The Tennessean

"After the film you not only want to visit Paris, you want to go by balloon." - David Elliott, The San Diego Union-Tribune