"A textbook example of a film that was ahead of its time … a movie that anticipates Blade Runner in its meditation on artificial and human intelligence and The Matrix in its conception of reality as a computer-generated illusion." - Dennis Lim, The New York Times

"FIVE STARS! The discovery of the season." - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

"Nothing short of breathtaking." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"There are movies that make news and movies that are news. World on a Wire is one of the latter." - J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

"Brilliantly sardonic ... may be even more timely now than when it was made." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"Bridles with a pulpy energy and drive ... one of the summer’s essential movie events." - Jason Anderson, The Grid TO

"Thoroughly exciting ... a totally self-serious bit of sci-fi filmmaking that has an excellent sense of humour about itself." - John Semley, Torontoist

"A fascinating time warp of a movie, elegant in design and bubbling with ideas." - Chris Knight, The National Post

"Offers many delights for buffs of both sci-fi and Fassbinder." - Peter Howell, The Toronto Star

"Captivating ... Fassbinder makes the most of each minute." - Sarah Gopaul, Toronto Film Scene

"A two-part disco-futurist tour de force ... more timely today than ever before." - Julian Carrington, Next Projection

"Ambitiously brainy sci-fi ... definitely recommended for those looking for a retro-futuristic mind trip." - Joe Bendel, Libertas Film Magazine

"A must see for fans of Fassbinder and dystopic visions alike." - Pat Padua, DCist

"A major rediscovery in speculative science fiction ... frequently spectacular and, in the end, surprisingly moving." - Andrew O'Hehir,

"Wildly original." - Zach G, Brightest Young Things

"Fassbinder's approach is quite unlike Hollywood's ... the story's juice flows from its paranoiac mood, beautifully framed compositions and extravagant set pieces." - Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

"A visually arresting, slick, and colorful adventure from start to finish." - Chad Webb,

"MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT FILM YOU SEE THIS YEAR. World on a Wire reminds us what an intoxicating and dramatically sophisticated artist [Fassbinder] was." - Peter Simek, D Magazine

"Cyberpunk before anyone coined the term, the film evokes a kind of Philip K. Dick gone Teutonic Deluxe." - Steve Dollar, GreenCine Daily

"A mesmerizing trip into mind-shifting, memory-challenged perception and madness ... World On A Wire is priceless cinema." - Omar P.L. Moore, The Popcorn Reel

"Arresting ... almost 40 years later, the miniseries feels hyper-relevant for our times and fetishes." - Ryan Lattanzio, SF Appeal

"A daring film by a daring director. In his only foray into science fiction, Fassbinder embraces the genre, shooting with confidence and a palpably giddy pleasure." - Hans Morgenstern, Beached Miami

"Clearly ahead of its time." - Jonathan Kiefer, KQED

"Brilliant … As in its story, World on a Wire brings the revelation of a strange yet familiar parallel universe that has existed without our knowledge." - Peter Lucas, Glasstire

"Genuinely breathtaking: a long, satisfying encounter with the relatively newly hatched Fassbinder spinning off an epic story with effortless, masterful ease." - Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

"A can't-miss affair … World may stand as one of the German master's five or so greatest overall achievements." - Michael Sicinski, The Nashville Scene

"A gorgeous, strange time capsule of futurism past … there are only two words for it: It’s great." - Ray Pride, Newcity Film

"FIVE STARS! It’s astonishing to think that the greatest German filmmaker since the second world war was ahead of his time in yet another way." - Ben Kenigsberg, Time Out Chicago