Janus Films Presents: Charlie Chaplin
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The Gold Rush

1925 (reissue in 1942)
72 min.
Not Rated
 “The Gold Rush has been delighting audiences for almost 80 years -- it's one of the flat-out funniest films made in the silent era or any other.” 

-Glenn Abel, Hollywood Reporter

In search of gold in turn-of-the-century Alaska, Charlie takes refuge with fellow prospector Mack Swain in an isolated, comically-imbalanced cabin, where hunger forces him to eat that famous shoe. The masterpiece that features more great Chaplin moments than any other: the dance of the rolls, the cabin tottering over the cliff, the giant chicken, etc. etc. This version features Chaplin’s own music and poetic narration, added for his 1942 reissue.

-synopsis courtesy Film Forum repertory calendar