Janus Films Presents: Charlie Chaplin
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The Kid

54 min.
B&W, Silent with musical accompaniment
Not Rated
 “Mixes slapstick and sentiment in a winning combination.” 

-Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide

One heaves rocks through windows. The other happens by in the nick of time to offer his services as an expert window repairman. It’s a system that works. So does everything else about this beloved Chaplin classic whose blend of laughs and pathos changed the notion of what a screen comedy could be.

For the first time as a filmmaker, Chaplin stepped into feature-length storytelling with this tale of the down-but-never-out Tramp (Chaplin) and the adorable ragamuffin (6-year-old Jackie Coogan) who, rescued as a foundling and raised in the School of Hard Knocks by the Tramp, is his inseparable sidekick.

-synopsis courtesy MK2 & Warner Bros.